My faith is beautiful.

My faith is beautiful,
His words are my thoughts,
My conscience is Him,
So still, yet broad

My faith is beautiful,
yet torn into two.
What I desperately want to say is,
that I choose You.

My faith is beautiful,
but you are even more.
I cry, wanting more.
But I must move first.

You are beautiful.

Vainity Ruins Life

Just look at mine.


Just ONE of God's greatest gifts.

God is beautiful, God is great, God is Everything.

I cry in my heart even to think this.
"...If God is for us, who can be against us?" -Romans 8:31

Viva La Vivienne

these shoes were made for me///vivienne westwood for melissa

I'm Melissa and I skip along blogs often. I found these and fell in love. Miracles do happen, by the Grace of God.
Now I shall proceed to smile and laugh and I stare at these for a few hours.

I think friendship is beautiful.

I love my friends with a passion, the ones I am closest with. I am so blessed that they are there for me, and that I can always be there for them. They are beautiful creatures that I thank God for.
I wonder what I would do if they were gone.
A good test for me to see who I really care about.
5 beautiful friends out of the hundreds and hundreds I would miss.
Talk about special.

I love you.


Truly, I love fluffs.

I want you to read Crafty Words and Gold Sea Foam. Maybe you'll understand my mind a bit more. (:


Sad day.

Have you ever felt terrible about saying something out loud? A personal opinion or observation. It's hard for me to deal with the negativity of it all if someone takes it personally.

I mean, it's just brain throw up.
Romans 3:23
"For all have sinned and come short to the glory of God."

You can say that again!

And to that person I hurt,
I'm sorry.


"If Pointing is Rude,"

"then what is considered gazing into poeple's eyes?"

I think that my mind is so filled with pink and frosting and princesses and rings,

that it's hard for me imagine a mind without it.


You're Sick.

Some of them are old, some of them are new.
Most of them need to be edited, for my taste change as the days go on.
(: Review.

Plummet into the Ocean

I've always thought of memories in colors, for they are beautiful and seem as if they are their own words.


Seafoam on top I see, then I plummet into the ocean.




Plums dive off the tree

Exclamations in the air

Plum stains paint the sky

Remember me?

I think that you might. (:

This is my new blog. (I know I make a lot, but this is IT!)