New Years' Blooming Flowers

It's New Years Eve today,
and I'm planning to watch myself have another night at home.
Maybe I'll write letters that will never be sent..pictures never to be seen other than God and I.
Life can be humanly lonely,
but also spiritually full.

New Years Goal:

  • l♥ve

  • speak

  • act

  • sing

  • play

  • pray

  • write

  • say my poems somewhere where I haven't before

 let's put flowers in our hair in celebration.


I wish vintage were modern.


You are a crash on my heart.

When, when, my dear God
are you coming for me?
Life is precious, and things I have not experienced--
but You. You are more to me
than climbing a yellow apple tree,
or racing my child across the yard,
or touching a live octopus.
You are more than this world can handle
and I love you.
but, I know it's not now for a reason
I know it's not now because I have a purpose,
I know it's not now because You
are going to let me enjoy life
with all thee listed above.
You and your greatness
are a crash on my heart.



I thought..

I thought society was really bad, then they make me smile with this.

I love you Americans.


Jasper the Friendly Froggy

I'm absolutley sorry for being treacherous for the past few weeks with posting. I've been so stressed with school and friends and myself that I've actually started losing hair. But it's okay, I'm on Christmas Break fior 2 weeks so life is on a stress-less level. :)

Thank you Jesus!

Now, I would like to introduce you to someone. She is a Pacific Tree Frog that I am caring for, her name is Jasper; Jasper the Friendly Froggy!

 I'm pretty sure she is one of the cutest things I've seen in a long time. Although I've never had a pet before (okay, not really a pet, but you get the idea) she is almost a sinch! She loves crickets and waxworms and hopping every which way. I'm going to be the saddest little girl when school comes around and I have to give her back with a fake smile.

Do you have a pet?


life is blue, the kind you smile at

i've already exclaimed to the world my love for guitar strings and lyrics with meaning.
i will! i shall!
i will free style here for you..

in bird's flight,
they see only with no storm
but they still spread their arms
with trust
and soar

my eyes wink one by one,
the stratches on my face
heal side by side
a scar will lie.

speakers blaring,
people staring,
at love I am professing
with no predictions,
just promises
and there I fly
and soar
over the sky.

oh, how blue they sky is.

Coconut Records

I've been admiring and pining for guys like Jason Schwartzman, he's a fantasitic actor and musician. A fellow blogger recommended him and I must say that I am in love. 'West Coast' and 'Micrphone' seem like life anthems for my teenage years.

this is my heart on Jason. :)