Where has the plum tree gone?

I'm sorry I've been away,
but to be honest...I've been feeling terribly uninspired to create photos or phrases or even to read blogs. It's as if I'm forcing myself to do something that I used to. And I would hate for that to become a habit. It's like a feeling of watching your favorite movie every day for a week. I never want to become tired of this. Photography, art, blogging, writing...I never want to lose passion for it. I'd cry deep seas, salty as brine.
So, I'll wait until inspiration hits me again. I think God wants me to concentrate on him right now, and not on myself. So later....better. I love you all.

-♥, melissa

ps maybe a photo will suffice; it's of me and the lovely Katie Rogers;)


August Is Gone.

beautiful skies, white hot sun, warm summer air.
august is to be gone soon.
oh, how I will miss it.


Frozen Heart, Frozen Petals

winter air, I'm dying inside. I'm frozen, because I've let myself walk out into the world

with a frozen heart
affection is not present. selfishness is the ruiner of my soul, vanity is the ruiner of my soul, I am the ruiner of my soul

but I search in something that is bigger than myself. I read and find that to be with joy...

you must unfreeze your heart.

Care for God, the all warming heart. You will be melted, new, and free.



yes. I love, I pine, I am only watching Degrassi for Eclare.

Ah, I need to find someone like this. D:


Simply Karen

that is me! can you believe it? my friend Karen drew this of me and I greatly appreciate the gesture! ;) 
I can't wait until we have a little mini-photoshoot so I can return the favor. ;3

:D check out her dA @ simply Karen

-<3 melissa

[Insert ♥ Here]

For Karen

[insert tears and wind here]
[insert teenage angst]
[insert teenage dreams]
[insert teenage pine for love]
[insert cliche life]
[insert my life]


Love Me For Me

Why, oh why did I waste my time
With love that was not filled
with love at all?
I'm not for you, you're not for me
But I guess back then, I didn't see
That you never really loved me,
So by and by,
time passes
and I guess what I'm trying to convey
Is that you have trespassed into my heart
but now that I've realized your lack of love
am now asking you to leave.
Good bye.