Let It All Out.

With the help of a sore theat and pre-recorded film, I made a video on my own sick day.
I love this song.



when's the last time you took a polaroid?


I blow feathers up on half days

DSC09998, originally uploaded by can we be blue?.
I think all these things are what go on in my head; songs of praise, billowy feathers flying, and drawings of whatever I can at the very moment.

Now, if only I were any good..


The Trees are Eyelashes.

Now in my English class, we are reading To Kill a Mockingbird, and it's so beautiful and funny and amazing, I wonder to myself reading why I haven't picked it up before.
For an assignment, we are to write a little descriptive essay about something in your neighborhood. Something good, something bad, something specific. Just like when Lee was describing the Radley house with a 'swept yard that was never really swept...' It was quite the joy to start writing the story, I even put it up online for you to read! It is called The Trees are Eyelashes and it's the best thing I've written all year.
Won't you make one? I love to read new things.
Take a look up yonder. The sun rises for you.


God has a sense of humor

Don't ever doubt it.




This is my photostream for flickr. Check out a few amateur shots of mine. (:


I'm not one for reality (tv, at least)

In class right now, I'm suppose to be making a real video about myself.

I don't like myself too much, so why do it?



This is beautiful, the video is beautiful also.

I thank God every day we have acoustic music. And Nova Scotia.


Vivacious Vivetta

There's a collection of clothes for fall coming out from Vivetta. It's super admirable, I can see myself wearing these outfits.

a few of my favorites


Isn't it beautiful?

I think I have a strange sense of optimism that one may say is slightly on the odd side.

I still believe in smiling and greeting strangers.
I still believe in believing and holding on.
I still believe in God.

I still possess a '50's style mantra of conservative views and dress and respsect. Call me old fashion.

I still believe in simplicity.


Have you ever read something you wrote a long time ago that you just can't seem to recollect writing? Then, you're surprised to see you wrote it? I love thoughts like these, they make me look into myself more and more.
I just want to go on and on forever about how God is so graceful and loving. Even in these times, there's love. And protection. Yet, excitement.
Do you believe so?


Winnie the Pooh in Washington

I think that I am very happy. I am very happy to be in Grace...but also in Washington.
I hear all the time about how Washington is either terrible or beautiful. I choose to believe the latter, because when I ook at water like this, it's hard for me not to see the beauty and love and greatness God has blessed me with in the Northwest.
I might stay here forever.

I've just ended my book of The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. And now I think I might go find the North Pole. I wonder where it might be?And now that I think about it, where do you think Eeyore's tail is?

winnie-the-pooh images///just-pooh.com


Porcelain Spirit

Today is the last day for freedom and I stare out the window wondering where it went. I open a book as I attempt to escape time, but I constantly turn my head toward the clock. A minute frozen then flashes forward in time.
Why has summer ended? Making crafts is just another memory, and so are warm colors in the sky.

I feel as if I am gentle porcelain in spirit, and still have belief in Love and how He has changed me this very summer alone, and hopefully every summer after this. Or rather, everyday.

Is there a way to keep a summer smile when everyone has a winter scowl?