i am number four

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this is me with my beautiful friend oleg at borders
what a good friend he is!

things might get better, i don't know
going to the doctors friday
hopefully a week will go by where i won't feel like this anymore



i'm building a fortress, and it's under my covers.
i don't know what to do, so i'll stay here forever.
never release me.


loving guilt

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the hardest thing about falling for someone who is perfect is the constant weight of knowledge that you don't deserve them. some days are better than others; some days you're elated and some days you're in a river of guilt that erodes away all good feelings. guilt over weighs all things to a point where imagining is countered by a thought of, "why even bother?" all i could ever want for him is to be happy, and i can't honestly say that i could make him happy. he deserves everything beautiful. i am an ugly person, i don't even care to live with myself sometimes. sometimes i wonder if he'll find anyone worthy one day, and i wonder if i'll find anyone i'm worthy of. sometimes i don't find any comfort at all.
alas, if i were to dismiss any hope, uncontrollable pining would set a perpetual burning fire into my life. every day would not be simply one day, but rather an eternity without any bliss. misery cannot describe anything anymore. selfishness is more than an emotion, but a battle that must be fought everyday. a battle in which i'm not sure who's side i am on. do i choose self contentment or my love's happiness? again, i am torn. i'll admire from a distance, i suppose. i'll admire his happiness in place of mine. i'll be here, always.


skimming skin

maybe there's just something wrong with my head, like a bug eating all my common sense.


i'm building castles in the air

someone please tell me what to do with this love in my heart



I'm in love so deeply and I have no idea what to do. 



three things:
1)coffee is amazing
2)letting go brings them in
3) the internet has taken over my life

I think I'm in one of those blogging ruts again where I can't find much to pull out and show to all of you. I feel like you know me already. Maybe I could do less of a feelings post tomorrow, and give you a life story. If you were interested at least.
What's up bu-ddy

-melissa <3


i wish my smile was your favorite kind of smile

it's so depressing being a teenager. being one who can't drive is even worse.
i can't wait until i get up there


gold soul

my heart is a flower blooming; beautiful and new ♥ ♥ ♥