I'm in love so deeply and I have no idea what to do. 


  1. Mmmm i have lots of things to comment.
    first of all, internet is consuming the 3/4 of my life at the time being. so I literally have been left with only one quarter of life. and that makes me feel nice. mmmm, here in greece I would be called "kapsidi" which means more or less the one who is burning his brain cells in front of a laptop :P

    additionally i look at your blog and i look at my last post (like a twisted shadow) and then I listen to your songs and then i see my playlist and i am tellin ya, i couldnt feel smaller :P

  2. Kapsidi? That's really interesting, I'm totally the Queen of Kapsidi! (if that makes sense)

    I have no idea what you mean! Your blog is something I aspire to have. It's so true to being young, so refreshing. Your post 'Like a Twisted Shadow' was awesome, I wish I could have such great taste like you. Your blog is fantastic, I admire it a lot.



sweet comments.