Munro Chambers

yes, can I please just...have you? :D



 Raw, raw ra-ah ah ah. I'm Lady Gaga.


A Bit of Me

Hi, nice to meet you. I'm Melissa. I like plums, orange juice, and mangoes. I enjoy study sessions with friends sans studying and history lessons. I have eyes that take up a large portion of my face,  and a smile that takes up the rest. I love Beauty and the Beast because it's the most beautiful of all the Disney stories, but I also love Pretty in Pink; Andy is who got me into clothes. (And red heads) I'm not adorable, I just am. I'm not perfect, I just am. I am a person, a person trying to improve. Love me. ♥


isn't it so funny how old  things get, and how fast they get there?
it's sort of disappointing in a way how infatuated one can become, and then move on quickly. It's actually quite embarrassing, if I would be allowed to say.
For me, it just shows my lack of commitment.
What is the bright side to this?

I'm asking if you guys wanted to know more about me? I feel that I've been cryptic towards you, all you know is that I live down the road from the Puget Sound. What do you think?