update: 2019
i'm a new soul, i came to this strange world hoping that i could learn a thing 'bout how to give and take.

originally: 2010
every summer the plums drop into my hands, as I drop into the sound. it sounds like a song or a poem, and these enchanting poems make me feel better about life. as one can imagine, my life is not perfect; i sometimes take this to the extreme. the way i am is extreme in positivity or negativity, there's never inbetween or mediocracy of my feelings. hopefully i write in the extreme of positivity, but will almost guarantee the extreme of negativity. apologies, but honesty from my own heart's trueness.

when you're a child, you aspire for so many silly things. but there are those things that never leave your mind...those places you dream to be. and i think i found my heart in scotland.

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