Chain Earring

I want a new piercing, a chain hanging from my ear
I want each link to mean each year I've loved you
That chiming is I all want to hear.
I want it to mean something for You...
And now I'm up to four,
Four gold links hanging off my ear, matching the color of my copper hair
and I swing them around showing everyone near
that pride I have in hanging on my ear
for You
God, that bright blue sky, that Son that rises every day
It shines on that earring
Glimmering and bringing hope every day
Let me pierce that ear
for that chain to hang
all day. ♥


yes, yes, yes. 
don't worry Leo, you'll be on my wall soon. 
there hasn't been much this week except for getting over one of those new crushes--
then being crushed by him. But it's okay, because I'm used to it. 
Actually, I'm pretty over it because I don't want a boy anyway. Guys are stupid
Now a photo of a handsome man is a different story... ;)




Lemons and Levi Jeans

One lemon makes much lemonade,
a handful to be squeezed
Amazing the simplicity of life...
amazing the joy in simplicity.
Lemon, my lemon
sour on my lips,
but sweet in my heart
like an awkward first kiss
Oh lemons! You make my life
a confusing pattern
but that's what keeps life exciting.
So pour out! 
Pour out plenteous!
Because I know,
I would miss you otherwise.

Dear Dennis,

oh the love I have for you in my heart!
Can I contain it any longer?
I must say, that I am not in love with you,
so please do not get confused.
It's the envy of your coolness that I must confess,
I somehow love also!
Teach me the ways of your awesomeness,
and maybe, just maybe...
I'll make you a batch of cookies.

♥ your bff,



You're Just Too Cute

talk about a mood swing.


Brick Art

look @ what I made you,



I've Adjusted Well Enough

I think that I've been pretty fair for a girl from Florida to move here and adjust to Washington drab for 10 years.
But God, I can't deny the fact that I want to go home.


I'll Be Better Tomorrow, I Promise

don't worry, I'll post something exciting tomorrow.  ♥
I just need to think things over, make a rough draft of my life this week.
I'll be a better Melissa tomorrow. I promise.
I swear to You my smiles will be true,
and my thoughts will be of You
because let's face it,
they already are.
But I want more of myself,
the selfless person I know I can be,
and now will choose to be 
for You.
I'll be a better Melissa tomorrow, I promise.


Prayer for the Unbearable

Dear God,
please make me unbearable towards boys, because if I were in any way tolerable, I would not be able to have self-restraint when another amazing one comes around.

In Jesus' name,