Fondu Au Noir


I love you, but where am I?

Dear God,

I know you're listening. I'm not complaining. I'm contemplating.
Am I smiling in the right way, am I smiling in the right light? I do not percieve happiness, at least not in the appropriate light. Happiness...this happiness, is it suppose to be everlasting? Is that an attribute of true happiness? So many questions, yet I get many answers in the things that I ask.
You'll never leave me behind. You're in love, but I'm just infactuated. Is there a way to fall in love with you...maybe spending the time and looking at your beautiful face* will draw me more to your Majesty.
Or maybe...
I'm not infactuated. I'm in love. I can feel it in my bones. The core of the heart is in the soul, which you have saved, loved, and forgiven over and over again. I feel as if You are my long lost friend, from a faraway land that I've lost touch with in no fault of Your own. I never return the post cards, the signs, ...the devotions that we desperately need.
God, where am I?
I'm considering every single aspect of my life, considering my ways. I love You, but where am I?
I love you, but where am I?


kiss my red lips

In the middle of changing and growing as a person, one must create what they look on the outside to show what cannot be seen in the inside.
Or, to be said, that's an ideal, right?
I love this new....red lipstick look. (You can say I have an infactuation with the vintage '40's-50's look) It's daring and totally out of the box for me. But out of the box can be confident too, right?
If I disturb you, I'm sorry but,
kiss my red lips.


Marit Fujiwara

1 word: Beautiful
More words: This is exactly like all the other bloggers said, like taking a water color painting off the wall and putting it on. Oh, how I do so want to put this on. This reminds me of when I was a child, and I use to keep the scraps of paper that we used for cleaning our art brushes. It was a crushed up rainbow; the color of my soul as a teenager now.
Can we give a cheer for childhood memories?
Can we give a shout to creativity?
Can we give a shout out to things that do not seem beautiful until you realize their impact?


Edison Glass, my love?

I love this band, they're called 'Edison Glass' and their vocals are righteous.



I Am Warm (In My Heart)

I can see myself dripping from the rain,
because it happens oh so much.
I can see myself trudging through mud,
because it happens oh so much.
I cannot see myself give up,
because it has never happened before.
I am not crying on the floor,
I am victorious with Love in my heart.
I am warm here (in my heart)

Mourning your life is the help you want, but being grateful your life is what I need. I feel accomplished with my pincurls and brightened with my red lipstick. Who knew vintage could be the prettiest thing in the world? I think God did, that's why it's here. ♥
I'm just talking on now, but in my mind thinking of someone special and wondering if they think about me, too.
Do you think that someone thinks about you, too?
It's definately my greatest wonder.