I Am Warm (In My Heart)

I can see myself dripping from the rain,
because it happens oh so much.
I can see myself trudging through mud,
because it happens oh so much.
I cannot see myself give up,
because it has never happened before.
I am not crying on the floor,
I am victorious with Love in my heart.
I am warm here (in my heart)

Mourning your life is the help you want, but being grateful your life is what I need. I feel accomplished with my pincurls and brightened with my red lipstick. Who knew vintage could be the prettiest thing in the world? I think God did, that's why it's here. ♥
I'm just talking on now, but in my mind thinking of someone special and wondering if they think about me, too.
Do you think that someone thinks about you, too?
It's definately my greatest wonder.


  1. So how do you write? Like, do you draw from your personal fountain of inspiration?

    Sometimes I just let muscle spasms in my arm and hand dictate what gets written or typed. Almost literally.

  2. My style is similar to yours! Often, I don't know what I am going to do going into writing, it just flows. But my thoughts seem to come from everyday life and visual things also like photography, people's facial expressions, etc. But I always try to bring it back to something bigger than anything else in my life, which is my belief in God and my tribulations in trying to be a better person. I guess you could say...my tribulations as a teenager. XD


  3. Sounds too complicated. I just write. If I like it I keep it, if I don't, I put it aside and re-work it later maybe if I remember to come back to it.

    I'm kinda at a block though, I'm too apathetic to write right now. Even though I don't base my writing on any thought or feeling, it still has a way of coming through. And I'm too content with the mundane for the time being.

  4. Haha I don't know if it's ultimatley complicated. That's just how things turn out. XD

    I hate blocks also, I feel like hitting my head against the wall. That's my advice to you. ;)


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