Is it okay to be sad
when you have the greatest Gift ever
Is is okay to be sad
when your life is not hard
Is it okay to be sad
when you have love and more Love in your life
Is it okay to be sad
when you feel selfish

My heart has been in the wrong places at the wrong time
my hands have been reaching for the bottom of the barrell
My eyes have been dropping tears onto every pitiful thing

Tell me,
is it okay to be melancholy, my dear God?



One can tell from the orange of the sky,
green in the grass,
spinning of the girl,
that a new time is here.
pack up your bags,
take her with you.
to a whole new place


'Just like a star...'

This is Corinne Bailey Rae. She is beautiful, her voice is beautiful, her lyrics are beautiful. She is a beautiful person. Her melody makes me want to sing, and she is so foxy I wish I looked like her. I wish artists sang like her, it's so harmonous and peaceful. Give her a check on Youtube!


knowing why the cage bird sings,
and knowing why the mockingbird lives,
knowing how to live life,
than let it die in a treasure chest
selflessness never ceases in my arms,
but selfishness corrodes the treasure box
live, and let live


Just a thought,

I love you, although I don't know you...
Jesus loves you, although you might not know..
until now. :)
John 3:16
"Salvation is what I possess,
the only thing on my back
I repented my sins
for a lifetime
of joyful grins.
Repent, love, and capture faith."



Wow guys, thanks for keeping with me! 10 followers is great, and you all are interesting and beautiful individuals. :) Your comments and our conversations are pretty much one if the sweetest things ever. :) Bless y'all.

Now, I would like to show you my morning in detail, so you get to know me a little better.

p.s. This is actually one of my favorite movies, it's silly and lovely and hilarious for a teenager to watch. He's not creeepy at all...just a child at heart. Enjoy!


I will be your Mona Lisa

"Good morning sun
I will be your Mona Lisa

So shine on

Shine all your golden light on me..."
I will always be your smiling girl.


We're going on an adventure
that involves you to have
courage, faith, and love.


show me your chivalry

A bouqet of dried flowers from Seattle in the days of Summer. A few hang on my wall, while others I hold in my heart.

But secretly, in my heart, I hope one day the boy of my dreams walks into the room, or walks into my life with a handful of flowers and kisses my cheek and tells me something about how they adore me.

Girls have such silly dreams..


Greener on my side

It's winter, and still the grass is green on my side.