Isn't it beautiful?

I think I have a strange sense of optimism that one may say is slightly on the odd side.

I still believe in smiling and greeting strangers.
I still believe in believing and holding on.
I still believe in God.

I still possess a '50's style mantra of conservative views and dress and respsect. Call me old fashion.

I still believe in simplicity.


Have you ever read something you wrote a long time ago that you just can't seem to recollect writing? Then, you're surprised to see you wrote it? I love thoughts like these, they make me look into myself more and more.
I just want to go on and on forever about how God is so graceful and loving. Even in these times, there's love. And protection. Yet, excitement.
Do you believe so?

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  1. Ha, yeah I know the feeling, like when I read something I wrote back when I first started writing. Completely different style of writing, yet the same hopelessly hopeful view on life. :)


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