Where has the plum tree gone?

I'm sorry I've been away,
but to be honest...I've been feeling terribly uninspired to create photos or phrases or even to read blogs. It's as if I'm forcing myself to do something that I used to. And I would hate for that to become a habit. It's like a feeling of watching your favorite movie every day for a week. I never want to become tired of this. Photography, art, blogging, writing...I never want to lose passion for it. I'd cry deep seas, salty as brine.
So, I'll wait until inspiration hits me again. I think God wants me to concentrate on him right now, and not on myself. So later....better. I love you all.

-♥, melissa

ps maybe a photo will suffice; it's of me and the lovely Katie Rogers;)

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  1. Oh sweet friend, take all the time you need. Give Him your undivided attention and I can promise you, you will feel overwhelmed with inspiration. :)
    You're in my thoughts.



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