You are My Sunshine, my only Sunshine

This is inspired by a blog named Notes From The Toothfairy. A beautiful blog, might I add!

Every first Sunday of each month, you are to supplement this blog post with your current answers; the idea to record your evolving interests, which I find rather exciting! :)

Try it, won't you?
I like: that I am happy and have found myself stronger through Someone special.
I don't like: when doctors cancel appointments 3 months in a row, the fact that I do so little, and tiresome Saturdays dealt with on the green musty couch.
I've planned: to go somewhere foreign this summer, praise God everyday, and bake something tres bon.
I want to say to someone special: You are my Sunshine, my only Sunshine.

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  1. wow what a lovely blog so girlie i love the pic with the fruits up!!!!!!!oh and i love the song so much!!!
    i am following!^_^


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