this age is fun!

Life is much more fun in the teenage years. You are in the stage where in public, it's understandable to wear a 50's cardigan and a 70's style dress because you just look that darn cute. I thank God everyday I am at this age. And, when I am older of course, I will thank Him for that age, too.

I develop film and ponder what the process inside the canister is like: you are in the light for a second and then you are out. You are in the dark. You are in the dark until someone decides to break open your home and develop you in all your glory. And you come out beautiful.

The chemicals I inhale smell like nothing other than happiness and joy and contentment. I do not wish to run away, I do not wish you leave, I do not wish to depart. I suck on the starburst in my mouth and wait. It is time well spent.

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