I love you, but where am I?

Dear God,

I know you're listening. I'm not complaining. I'm contemplating.
Am I smiling in the right way, am I smiling in the right light? I do not percieve happiness, at least not in the appropriate light. Happiness...this happiness, is it suppose to be everlasting? Is that an attribute of true happiness? So many questions, yet I get many answers in the things that I ask.
You'll never leave me behind. You're in love, but I'm just infactuated. Is there a way to fall in love with you...maybe spending the time and looking at your beautiful face* will draw me more to your Majesty.
Or maybe...
I'm not infactuated. I'm in love. I can feel it in my bones. The core of the heart is in the soul, which you have saved, loved, and forgiven over and over again. I feel as if You are my long lost friend, from a faraway land that I've lost touch with in no fault of Your own. I never return the post cards, the signs, ...the devotions that we desperately need.
God, where am I?
I'm considering every single aspect of my life, considering my ways. I love You, but where am I?
I love you, but where am I?

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  1. You are right where He wants you, dearest. He will move you to where He sees fit, and when He sees fit.
    He loves you and that is one thing you can be sure of. Whether your heart says the same or not right now, He will always love you.

    Ellie Grace


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