Comfort Zone

I've been gone awhile, going off and trying to get through another year in Washington State, high school, life.

The sun rays have hit upon me and I'm glad to be smiling! But at the same time, I know I'm stuck in time, nothing is going on to make it more interesting. And I know it's not God's fault, it's my fault. When has life ever been exciting in a comfort zone?

I've recently fallen in this trance like love that every teenage girl has in which this boy is the center of my attention, which is weird to say because I bounce around the room like a rubber band. But, isn't it weird that this adoration is not jealous, but just joyous for this person? I've never felt this way, maybe it is a genuine love for him, not to say I'm in love with him, but that I love this person truly and I would love to see them happy. I love this feeling, and I wish he knew this too.

I've been contemplating this for awhile, and the fact that I will never see him again breaks my heart. Should it break my heart? Maybe I should leave my comfort zone.

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  1. Oh sweet girl, I've missed your posts.
    I say, leap like there is no tomorrow. Get out of that comfort zone that has contained you for so long. Our lives are mere mist, dear, and we don't have much time. While you still have the chance, leave your safety net and be free.
    "If it doesn't break your heart, it isn't love."
    It's a crazy thing, love. People never work so hard to finally achieve a broken heart like they do for love.

    Ellie Grace


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