Beauty and the Beast

I have to tell you that my favorite movie in the world is Beauty and the Beast, and I am particularly partial to the Disney version. The first scene--the prologue-- captured my heart when I beheld it at a tender age of 4. It lays true in my heart! ♥
But I must tell you, this classic version has found a way to sprinkle fairy dust and love over my heart as well. La Belle et La Bete is a film directed by Jean Cocteau and spins twirls of beauty in black and white. It's actually very similar to a book that I have read named Beauty by Robin McKinley, in which Belle's father goes into the Beast's castle and is eventually threatened death for taking one of the Beast's beloved roses.
I really recommend seeing this film, it is beautiful, a bit dark, yet amazing. To be honest, I have not finished it yet! But I can tell this is going to be love.  ♥

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