Greenery Close By Me

When we held hands,
stared into each other's eyes
not gaze down the path of the future
because looking forward would put us in the past
No retrospect, please. Mmm.
You're more beautiful than the stroll we took together,
ruby lips and mossy Earth
In all honesty, I can't remember
much else, it's all a blur
all I can think, sing, shout is your name
to the sky, like a wish
to come back to me (to come back to me)
oh, where did you go? Your heart is
cold, not in my hands anymore
Not on your sleeve either, the stitching has gone away,
to a colder place.
Alaska, where the sun rolls over the mountains,
the lush greenery buried underneath
the distantness. Please come back
to the Northwest.
And hold my hands,
let the waves crash,
in the summer.
Please rush to me, come back to me.
Love me again.

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