Hearts and Tye Dye

My youth group for church is filled with some awesome people. The youth pastor is incredible, guess what we did for camp? (Let me give you a hint: it's yellow, pink, and awesome all over.)
I can't wait for camp, it's the best part of my year. We're separated from the world and put in touch with the most important person in someone's life: Jesus Christ.
God, I love You so much.
But, this means I'll be gone for a week. But that's okay, I'll post lotso' pictures. ;)
speak to me, oh God
your voice has never been more needed
a cool relaxed breeze
on my dry dessert heart
wash over me,
dip me into the blood 
that you have given
and let me not possess
an Achilles heel
because I would feel
a failure to you.
I love you.
Because you first loved me. ♥


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