Why is it that the beautiful moon is ever so tampered with,

does elegance mean nothing to the common man?
Does beauty, devotedness, and pure white light not cross one's mind when the phases change from day to day, east to west, side to side to suit the man's kind? Moon phases are pressures that must be endured to live in this universe that we seem to have created. Does the moon have a choice, do we let it rest?
Of couse, when there is no moon at all. The Earth seems betrayed, but never has the moon left. Have faith that the moon is there! In the shadows of the earth, what does the moon do? Where is the moon when will we read storybooks under this ill-waiting sky? Crying for what has happened. What has gone wrong?
Oh, but does the moon come back to us well. Never does the perpetual moon cease to live. Our sweet delicate, bleu cheese moon. Oh, what works you do for us!

Does responcibility of the tides hold on anyone's shoulder other than the gracious moon, conforming to one's needs? Our beaches animals live through the tide that bring its world up and down. Where would sea salt crystallize other than uncovered rocks in the Pacific Sea. Oh, the tide goes, and then comes back to me, seafoam and periwinkle green. Moon! Hear my cry, grant my wish tonight. Salt without flavor, not something that I would want to be. Sea salt must crystallize by the sea. Moon, how much you have done for me...Under these stars, they are not complete, under these stars they bow to your seat. Moon! Hear me tonight. Thank you...
Caked with powder bleu, my dear moon, a thank you note is sent in the shape of a rocket ship. Little men are sent with a message from me to you, I really do hope it gets through. Petite white suits come to see you, my message is taped behing their helmet tops. But, in the case that you do not see, let me give it to thee:

"Moon, oh moon, your graciousness is the tranquility of my 3AM encounters with the night. Here is a kiss from me to you, from an earthling to the venusian moon. ♥ "

- me


  1. Lovely lovely lovely, my dear.
    "Salt without flavor, not something that I would want to be" This was my favorite part.

    Ellie Grace

    I just noticed my name on the side of your blog; how sweet! But you may want to adjust the site, I changed it a few days ago. :)

  2. Thank you very much! :) I actually had this saved in my blog posts from months ago, but it was just a title and a bit of how the moon is underappreciated. I kept writing, trying to to relate it to something in my life that had importance. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and also understood the biblical reference!

    And I actually clicked your link today and realized that it was different! I just changed it. :) I love your blog, and I thank you so much for reading mine! <3



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