brain dead

I really wish I could say more than, "hi", but that just seems to be the case. Why am I so cold-hearted lately? I'm so uninspired and I feel like this doesn't even matter anymore. And it's not that I lack support for this blog, it's that I lack support in myself; in other words, WHERE IS MY MOTIVATION? And also, why can't I find inspiration? It's like the second I write something is the time when it needs to be shredded up. Nothing's good, not in my mind anyway. This is so frustrating, remember when imagination was the source of my happiness? I think my AP classes killed that. "Use rhetorical strategies...that doesn't sound concise enough....where are you getting this information, this proof? One knows this could never happen....be real." I want to stab myself so I could go somewhere a lot of people don't think is real, a place with golden roads and singing angels. What do you say to that, logic?
Rambleramblramble, I'm just letting off steam now. I might be offending those who believe faith is logical, and I'm sorry. I'm just aggravated. <3

I'll see what I can come up with this week to write about.


p.s. leave a suggestion, maybe?

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