Pirouettes and Cotton Fields

Savannah, Georgia (Unites States)

Je suis desolee, mes cheries! J'ai beaucoup devoirs et mes notes des classes n'est pas bonne....comment je suis aller le unviversite aujourd'hui?

I've been so busy with so much, I barely have time to think.  I mean, just time to relect about life and why I talk, walk, and do the things I do. I just want to sit in a room with silence for one whole day, alone. Is that too much to ask?

Some updates in my life? Oh goodness. Well, I've enterened my 3rd month of school, my 1st quarter just ended. I'm taking French III and Dance I as my electives, which are tres fantistique! My accent is a lot better, and dancing is a ball! Ballet is easily my favorite, modern being the hardest. Oh gosh, I could get used to this dancing thing, are there any openings for professional ballerinas?

French III is enjoyable, although difficult if you are not on top of it. I love speaking it now, because I am more or less fluent in coming up with sentences, but I am sure I am not grammically correct most of the time! But those Parisians talk to fast, how can they even tell. ;)

I am still single, of course. But I've realized something that might be a bit depressing, but I find comfort in anyway; if someone choses someone over me, then why even think about them anymore? Is it even worth it? Just move on, because they didn't want to be with me anyway. Is that totally pessimistic?

Oh well, I'll chat to cool cats later, salut!

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