i can't finish this, and i'm not sure if i want to

my hands have reached for you
but i was too late in claiming your heart
but you weren't
in captivating mine
how long do i keep silent
in the cage, where my feelings are

I ended this poem, it's incomplete. I couldn't find the words, and I'm not sure if I really want to. But I'm leaving it up, because I liked how it started, but not how it ended (just as the relationship, funny huh?) Alas, feelings are feelings, and someone just told me mine weren't true. Well damn it, I have feelings too. This isn't some cliche where there's only one good side to a story and the other evil. I have feelings, too. And being able to let someone go is harder than you think. Damn it, it is. And the fact that I'm trying to make him happy for his benefit, and never my own is literally all I do; all I do now is self sacrifice. There's more to me than that cliche. There's more. So don't you dare try and undermine my feelings, they're more precious than you could ever know.

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