Winter break and candy canes

Today is the first Official day of winter break! I'm so excited because I get to sleep in, watch movies, be with friends, play sims ! You will not believe how much i love doing these things, especially sims.

I really hope my friend robin comes home soon, that's what I'm excited for the most because I want to pick his brain on what college is like and if the men are really as cool as the movies lead on. And i want to ask about those togas, too. Ahhhhhhhh I'm excited! Robin is the coolest.

Christmas is hopefully going to be relaxing, ever since I started high school (I'm a junior now) I've just loved sleeping in on Christmas. Although, I still hope a bit more for a new iPod touch more... Those things are cool! (or whatever Shawn says... "evil" is relative, right?)

I hope the rest of your year is nifty!

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