oh great love

If you were to love me the way I love you
The world might be a better place
I might smile the way I use to do
You might admire the way I stare at you
You might stroke my lips with adoration
I might kiss your cheek without hesitation
I might be happy, I might be elated
The world would be my oyster
And not my cage
But I cannot force you to love, or care
This would not be fair
You might hate me, I might be a fool
But I just really hate me too
I am distressed, oh how I am cursed
To live with the person I am, I have no choice
I want to be the person you want me to be
I want to be beautiful,
I want you to see me.
Oh, under these troubles do o sink lower, into mire
Love's weight do I sink under
How do I change for you! Oh how I hate who I am
I'm not efficient enough for thee
My face are freckled, just like skin that is battered and bruised
My voice is a crow
Put me in a noose! I want to die rather than living another day
Not being the person I want to be for you.
For you, id give my whole life
My whole life for you...
Love's suppression am I under

note: This is more of a role playing post. I don't feel this way, I put myself into more of a... Shakespearean type character. I thought it would be fun. 


  1. beeaaaautiful poem <3


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