stuff you're suppose to know

i know my life is a bit out of control, and i know i have to change things so it's better. but i'm so crushed in spirit, all i want to do is lay in bed. lay in bed and curl up and not say anything. i want to put my terrarium up in front of me and what the moss grow; i want to watch the water evaporate, condense, evaporate, condense, evaporate, condense, a never ending cycle... i hate waking up in the morning. i hate it. because i am myself. but who in the world would i ever say this to? really? i don't tell anyone this. i'm completely crazy, i don't know what to do with myself sometimes.


  1. you can close your eyes, forget about the world and just breathe till you can listen to this small voice in your head telling you that you cope with everything just fine.

    and you can keep blogging ofc because you make some of us happy :D

    and a happy new year

    and no more "and"s

  2. haha thank you for your comment! it made me feel a lot better. i'm taking your advice to heart, i'm trying to smile. :) knowing that someone reads what i write, it gives me much comfort. thank you!


  3. aaaw you better be sure someone reads your blog :) Like 2 weeks ago I was just a follower but then I sat down and made a list with the blogs I will be loyaly following-read every single post etc etc
    yes, your blog is one of them :) it's just sooo ...
    so unique, yes ill go with unique here :)

    *happy to help :)

  4. awh man, that is too sweet of you. thank you! i'll make sure i look at that list! i need some new blogs to gaze at. <3


sweet comments.