my heart

okay so i feel like i'm lacking
but i am feeling better, i promise. life has turned around tremendously, and i've found those who truly care for me. and i love them for it.

had a boyfriend
keyword : HAD
i don't know what happened honestly
i wish i did know, because it kills me that it just ended
right before my birthday
il est un merde
but maybe i know why,
and you probably know too.

so i've cried, i still cry
i don't do broken hearts well
so i've decided that i shouldn't do hearts at all
and i think it's relieving actually....
yes, i quite like it.

i still cry sometimes, because those green pills don't fix everything
but i think i'm fine now.

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  1. "so i've decided that i shouldn't do hearts at all" good idea. just do s-e-x. I'm sure it's more fun anyway


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