Is it okay to be sad
when you have the greatest Gift ever
Is is okay to be sad
when your life is not hard
Is it okay to be sad
when you have love and more Love in your life
Is it okay to be sad
when you feel selfish

My heart has been in the wrong places at the wrong time
my hands have been reaching for the bottom of the barrell
My eyes have been dropping tears onto every pitiful thing

Tell me,
is it okay to be melancholy, my dear God?


  1. Oh Melissa, this post touched my heart. I know exactly how you feel. And it makes me think that yes, it's ok to be sad sometimes.
    I think that it is ok to be melancholy, as long as it is not allowed to consume your life and you remember that He is the source of your joy.
    You have a wonderful heart, and His handiwork is shown greatly in your writing.

    Ellie Grace

  2. Wow-you've got a really cool style as I can see!
    Loved your blog
    Check out my blog too!Much loooove sweety :D

  3. Oh gosh, this post is breaking my heart! Hope you can cheer up soon, dear <3


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