I can't say anything,
because my heart is on its frenzy.
Is it not it funny how one asks for things and things and things and realize that they're not happy or joyful or cheerful? Is it funny or is it sad? Can you laugh or does this make you cry?
I ask myself often, where can I relive my memories? There were sunny days in winters, sunny days in summer. I look everywhere, but they only live in my head. My memories are dead. The one thing not dead is the only thing I am avoiding. Can I avoid it any longer? Will it haunt me forever? Maybe...it will break my consience, the thing that I hold so dear. Maybe this is good, maybe it's intentions are pure.
1-2-3-4, how do I say more?
Q-R-X, what do I say next?
Love me God,
and help me love you.


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