Things about me.

I like: that I am so content right now with life, love, and the things that I have.

I don't like: big hair covering your whole head.

I've planned: babysitting while trying not to puch myself squre in the nose for going to to bed so late last night.

I want to say to someone special: I will always stay up for you.


  1. Ok so I just needed to comment real quick on how small the world is...
    On your formspring you were asked/asking questions to a boy, retrorobino, whom of which I know. So I thought, hmmm thats odd. Then I saw your link to your flickr and I saw you had pictures at Mariner High School. Hmm, even more odd, I went to that school.
    Ok, how small is this world really, that a girl I am randomly following on blogger knows a boy I went to school with and probably goes to the same school I went to!?
    Have you graduated? This is so odd!

    -Ellie Grace

  2. Oh my goodness, that is so crazy. I still go, I'm a sophomore! I can't wait to tell Robin on Monday.

    I love small coincidences like these, they're amazing. :D

  3. I know, seriously! I graduated in '08, so thats probably why I didn't recognize you. But then again, even if we went to school at the same time there are SO many students there that it would have been slim chances of ever knowing each other anyways.
    Give Robin a hug from me! (He knows me as Beth, though haha!)

    -Ellie Grace

  4. Haha of course. I have no idea how to word this, though. But, he always goes on about Improv, so maybe I should too!


sweet comments.