bubble bathing

oh gosh, let me see here

i wish i could post pretty words again. but i can't pull any love out of my heart. and now i realized that God needs to be in my life again, because being without him has been hell on earth

i also wish that i could just not have any feelings towards anyone, but hormones rage forever

i'd also like to say that i am proud that i did smile earnestly this week. i had a whole day where i did not want to sleep all day. so maybe things are getting a bit better. but i still have to see someone.

but right now, i just want to have a longggggg bubble bath. but i have no bubbles. crying forever.

many affections <3


  1. Just wait till college. No baths forever.


  3. http://stuckinadumbdaze.blogspot.com/2011/03/wink-back.html

    i can't do anything for this whole situation since I want to sleep 24/7 and I have no bubbles to give you either

    BUT I STILL HAVE YOUR FACE IN MY BLOG so that's enough for me :)


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